Erik was a pleasure to work with. We went from listing to settlement in under 60 days, in the middle of the winter. The speed that he turned around my sale was nothing less than impressive. He always kept me in the loop and was available, whenever I needed him, for any questions along the way. My agent insisted I use Erik to sell my home knowing he would get the job done faster than they ever could. When my friends and family are ready to sell, I will also insists that Erik be their first call. Thanks Again!
— John Fennimore

Erik and his team helped me buy a home, rent it (when needed) and also sell it when I relocated to another state. I was very happy by Erik’s professionalism in handling matters. Erik helped me rent the house and search for excellent tenant. I never had to be physically present to conduct any transactions or paperwork. It would have been very inconvenient for me to do this as I lived across the country. Also, when I needed to sell the house, he took over complete responsibility and I never had to travel at all for anything. I would highly recommend Erik and his team to anyone who is looking for an expert real estate agent.
— Shreepud Rauniar

We were very pleased with the services you gave us on the sale of my house. We were surprised how fast everything went from the day you listed it till closing. We are grateful for the information you give us on the first and well you advised us. We will recommend you to anyone that wants to sell a property.
— Cristina and Carlos Rivera

It was a pleasure having New Jersey Real Estate Experts team of Remax work for us Carmen/Victor Hernandez. We had good experience since they got our home for sale. The worked very hard, very confidential and in every aspect did all effort to make this dream come true.We are very glad and satisfied with their work. We didn’t have to travel to NJ from Florida since Erik Ymer represented us at the settlement.I recommend them and give them a very high score. Keep up the good job. Thank you very much.
— Carmen and Victor Hernandez

We are very happy that we met Erik Ymer of the New Jersey Real Estate Experts Team and entrusted him with the sale of our home. Right from the start, he showed professionalism and passion. We were informed about his “39-Day Sell Your Home or We Sell it For FREE” program and next thing we know, our home got sold after ONE DAY! We are highly recommending their services and we will not hesitate to send them referrals any time!
— Rafael and Olga Saez

“Thank you for all your help Erik Ymer of the New Jersey Real Estate Experts! We got a FULL price offer in 15 Days of being in the market – when previous agents couldn’t get the job done! Even though we decided to change direction about selling, you were really the greatest and you definitely exceeded our expectations! Again, thank you for all the hard work and keep it up!”
— Julie Anwar and Mohammed Hamid

I want to thank you for holding my hand through this long battle of closing, not so much closing (correction), but all the stress that was related to settlement and everything leading up to it. Thank you so much, you did it!!!
— Cornell Morris

After floundering thru a couple real estate agents, we found Erik. Erik is friendly, approachable, and all business and that is all you can ask for in a real estate professional. He knows his stuff. He helped us find the house we were looking for (he actually paid attention to what we wanted !! What a concept !) and then helped us sell our house (in a terrible market) in only two months. We will recommend him to anyone. He earned his commission. If we ever (please no) have to move again, we will look for Erik.
— Stephan and Laura Wurzburger

Erik is the ultimate professional; he is in a class of his own. He was straight forward and honest. On the first day we met with him, he told us what our house would sell for and it did. Erik is extremely knowledgeable in his field and uses every technology to his advantage. He works around the clock to ensure you the perfect buyer for your home. We would recommend Erik to anyone looking to sell their house. We look forward to working with Erik again when we buy our new house. Thanks again Erik!
— Joshua & Michelle Stewart

About a year ago, my family and I were desperate. Along with the rest of the country, we were struggling financially. We fell behind on our mortgage payments to the point that the bank began to foreclose on our home. We were scared, angry, helpless and every other stressful emotion humanly possible. My sister was in the same predicament. Fortunately, she met a real estate agent that, honestly, changed our lives. She referred me to Erik Ymer. While her home was in the final stages of a sale he took my dilemma into consideration. Mr. Ymer came to my home and met with my family. Hope came with a friendly smile and pure honesty. Our son was just 5 months at the time so I was worried that he didn’t take advantage of our desperate state. Yet he did the complete opposite. He began to explain what can happen and what we must do. I followed his every word. At the end my house sold! Erik helped my sister and I sell our homes and he is now helping one of our aunts do the same. He kept me current through emails, phone calls and occasionally, stopping by just to offer solace. We started off skeptical but at the end, we not only found a great real estate agent, but we also found a friend. Thank You Erik, see you next time when were ready to buy our true home.
— Omar Lopez

I just wanted to give you a special thank you for helping me out of a huge mess; I knew hiring you was the best idea ever! You knew just what you were doing and believe me it showed! You took your time to make sure you made the very best deal for my situation, I’ve been around a lot of Realtors and none of them could have handled this disaster the way you did. You were kind, caring, understanding to my needs and got the job done in plenty of time. That’s why I send out this very sincere THANK YOU! Thank you with all my heart,
— Jennifer Moore

When we decided to go with Erik & Keller Williams, we were on our fourth Realtor and our house had been on the market for 18 months.We were quite discouraged and skeptical when Erik told us he could get an offer on our house in 30 days. We chose to try Erik because of his confidence,energy and insistence that he could get results because of his marketing ability. Erik delivered and got our house sold. He and his assistant Leo were very professional throughout the entire experience. Thanks again,
— Rich & Linda Schuman

I could not be more happy with Erik. As a first-time homebuyer I had been given the advice to “find a good realtor”; He filled that role and more. Erik helped me through everything while making the experience an enjoyable one. I recommend him to anyone. I, not once, lost the feeling that Erik was working for ME. I cannot say enough. . .I suppose an enthusiastic “Thank You!” sums it up best.
— Brad Shensky

You listened to us. You took our suggestion for making a flier and ran with it. We were very impressed with the flexibility to try something out of the box. You also gave us information without cherry-coating the situation. We feel we have a much better understanding of our home’s position in the market. Erik, obviously for taking the time to talk to us frequently and being honest. Leo was also a huge help with that flier and with the frequent correspondence.
— Matt & Lauren McNelis

You certainly lived up to your promises. I had my home listed for seven months prior with a different Realtor with no success. In fact they never brought anyone threw to see the home, not even one person, and kept blaming it on the economy. Team Erik managed to not only bring threw several people within the first couple of days but had it sold in just two and a half weeks. I found you to be informative as well threw out the entire sales process. Even at the very first meeting with Erik who took his time to explain the value of our home and what our sell price should be, also the importance of selling the home twice. I will highly recommend you to anyone I know that is in the process of trying to sell their home, or are getting ready to. Thanks again for all your hard work.
— Vince Franza

I will always refer Erik to my friends and family, because his sale approach, presentation of a property and communication skills stand out from other agents, as well as advertisement abilities. Erik has sold my house as he promised in less than 3 months, due to all the above, as well as due to a great communication approach. Erik does not like -NO- for an answer, he suggests other options and gets in to the root of the problem and that is one of many reasons why he stands out as an agent and his approach works. Erik will always be my favorite agent, communication is vital and time is an essence and Erik has proven to be the best! Thank you again for all your great work and patience. Have a Wonderful Hollidays and productive and happy New Year!!
— Stephen & Elizabeth Skibo

“Erik Ymer of the New Jersey Real Estate Experts Team really delivered their promise of exceptional service, professionalism, passion, and superb communications! We are very satisfied with their work and we are highly recommending their services to anyone in need of real estate assistance!”
— Richard Mazzella

Erik was extremely helpful throughout my entire home searching process. He was not pushy at all! He was very knowledgeable about all the “ins and outs” of real estate and made me feel comfortable with making my first home purchase. Everything was smooth and went well when it came down to it. This is not the last deal I will do with him and hopefully all of my friends will use him from now on! I highly recommend him to anyone who is out there just browsing and doesn’t want to be hassled with being bothered with some of these pushy realtors out there, because Erik is not one of them guys! All in all, the whole experience was a delight and I can’t wait to make some more deals in the future.
— John Noone